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Our shoes and gloves are shipped from different warehouses, but always from Europe. Your shoes may be delivered to you from The Netherlands, Germany or Italy.

We have a flat fee shipping policy regardless from which location the shoes are sent. If you order contains more shoes from different warehouses, you pay for shipping only once.  

We ship from Monday to Friday. An order is normally packaged and shipped the next working day after ordering. 

Shipping is free within the EU for orders over €250,-.

Please note: if you order from outside the European Union (EU) we automatically deduct the Dutch VAT taxes of 21% for you. You do not have to pay taxes on your order when you are outside the EU. You may have to pay additional taxes although when you receive the package in your country. 

Shipping cost of shoes and gloves in Europe

Destination  Expected delivery time Shipping costs  Shipper**
Netherlands 1 - 3 days € 4,75 DPD/GLS
Belgium 1 - 3 days € 6,25 - 7,50 DPD/GLS
Germany 1 - 5 days € 6,25 - 7,50 DPD/GLS
Luxembourg 1 - 4 days  € 13,25 DPD/GLS
France (incl. Monaco) 1 - 4 days  € 9,00 - 11,50 DPD/GLS
United Kingdom 1 - 4 days  € 9,30 - 11,50 DPD/GLS
EUR1 - Austria, Czech Republic, Poland 2 - 4 days  € 13,25 DPD/GLS
EUR2 - Danmark, Finland, Sweden 2 - 4 days  € 15,50 DPD/GLS
EUR3 - Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy 3 - 6 days € 16,50 - 17,00 DPD/GLS
EUR4 - Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia 4-12 days € 22,00 - 24,00 DPD/GLS
Rest of Europe within EU 3 - 20 days € 62,00 to 82,00 DPD/GLS
We do not ship to Greece, Malta, Cyprus and other EU islands because this is too expensive for both parties.      


Outside the European Union (no VAT tax added, shop prices are 21% lower at checkout)

Please note: we do not ship daily outside EU. There may be some delay before shipments are processed. Shipments outside EU will be send out at least every friday. 

Outside EU Destination
(no VAT tax, 21% price reduction at checkout)
delivery time
Shipping costs
< 3KG
up to
Norway and Switzerland  4-12 days € 37,00 € 38,00 DPD/GLS
USA (in 2018 we have lower costs for USA shipping!) 8-24 days € 26,00 € 39,- B2C/GLS
Canada, Mexico  8-28 days € 26,00 € 39,- B2C/GLS
Rest of Europe outside EU  4-15 days € 68,00  € 84,00 B2C/GLS

Russia, South Africa and South America
(Caribbean Netherlands, Brazil, Chili, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay)

8-28 days € 56,00 € 74,-  B2C/GLS


Australia/New Zealand  12-35 days € 33,- € 45,- B2C/GLS
Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) 12-35 days € 33,- € 45,- B2C/GLS
Middle East
(Bahrain,Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, UAE)
12-35 days € 33,- € 45,- B2C/GLS
Curaçao, Caribbean Netherlands 24-42 days  € 33,-  € 45,- B2C/GLS
Other countries - Please contact us first*  24-42 days Average € 65,- Average € 75,- Postal services

* Countries that are NOT mentioned above, can not be selected as shipping destination in our webshop. Please contact us to inform about possible options for shipping. 

** we can't deliver to pick up point for DHL/DPD yet. We are working on this. 

*** the new stock will be delivered with GLS. You get an email with the possiblity to pickup at a GLS station.



For all EU customers: products can always be returned within 14 days according to European regulations. Read more about returns and the European regulations in the customer support FAQ.

Always contact us first before returning products or use the "returns" option on this site under "My Account". Return shipments without return number will not be processed and will be lost. Please use the form to contact us or send an email to


Please note to all NON-EU customers: you have the same rights as EU customers except we do not refund the shipping costs for non EU customers. 

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