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Please find below the customer service information at Shoebidoo Shoes. You will find information about: 

  1. ordering 
  2. shipping
  3. returns
  4. privacy (GDRP)


Is your question not listed? Contact us at [email protected] or use the form to the right.  We are available at business hours at Western European Time (Amsterdam). 

1 Payment
1.1 Creditcard payments: why do you get a validation email?

Some creditcards do not have the 3D security feature that is required for European payments. Most of the USA and some German creditcards do not have this feature yet. Your creditcard provider will ask for a confirmation for the payment instead. Please answer this email and confirm the payment. You may also choose a different payment option like paypal or bank transfer.  

2 Maintenance
2.1 Replacing heel tips for Giaro heels

The heel-tips of Giaro high heels can be replaced when worn out. Normally one set of replacement heels is included with each pair of Giaro shoes.


How to replace heel tips yourself:


  1. Pull out the old heel tip with pincers. 
  2. Make sure the plastic tip AND the metal pin have been removed from the heel
  3. Put the new heel tip in the hole
  4. Use a small hammer to carefully push the heel tip in place. 


There is a perfect instruction video how to replace heel tips by Scarlett here: 

You can get additional new heel tips here:


Also any cobbler can replace heel tips. It is an easy job but requires some tools and skills. Please visit your local cobbler to get them fixed if you can't do it yourself. 

3 Ordering
3.1 What is the sizing system for Shoebidoo Shoes?

Shoebidoo Shoes uses the European (Italian) shoe sizing system. If you are used to buying shoes in Europe (except in France) the sizes are the same as you are used to wear.

Some shoe models have a slightly different sizing than the generic shoe size or may have different calf sizes. We always mention difference in sizing on the product pages and in the size table per model. 

If you are not sure about your shoe size in European sizes or for a specific model, please contact us and send us your measurements. See measuring your sizes

If you need to convert you US, UK or other shoe size to European, please use our size table

3.2 What is the difference between "in stock", "pre-order" and "made-to-measure" products?

All shoes and gloves in our store are either in stock and can be delivered directly or need to be manufactured first before they can be delivered to your home. The most important difference is the delivery time and the return policy. Please see the table below to compare.


Type Time before shipment  Returns 
In stock  Within 1 to 3 working days Possible within 14 days
Pre order   As stated in delivery time for product Possible within 14 days AFTER shipment
Made to measure 4 weeks up to 12 weeks Not possible
3.3 Custom and made to measurements options

For some models we have options to customize and make shoes or boots to your measurements. What are the options and what can't we do? 


None of the Giaro models can be customized. For this brand you will need to stick with the available generic 37 up to 46 EU sizes and the measurements that are given per model per size. 


Our Italian, Ukrainian and Turkish boots can be custom made. In general the Italian shoes have the most options to customize. Italian custom sizing starts at EU size 34 up to 45/46. Bigger sizes are not an option for Italian models. Ankle, calf and thigh width can be customized. Please provide your exact measurements. 

3.4 Pre-orders

Some models may be pre-ordered in our webshop. The same conditions apply as for a normal order: 

  • you can always cancel your order and get a refund before shipment. 
  • you can return the shoes after delivery within 14 days as usual. 

Please note that the shipping date for pre orders is a rough estimate. It is also possible that a pre-order product can not be delivered because the factory did not ship to our warehouse. In this case your order will be cancelled and refunded. 


Please note: when you order a combination of pre-order and stock items, the shipment of the whole order will wait for the pre-order to be stocked and will then be shipped. 

3.5 Payment creditcard USA

For customers from the US: you might receive a "fraud detection" notice from your credit card issuer after ordering in our store. This is a standard notice if your creditcard does not yet have "3D Secure" protection for transactions outside the USA. You will have to confirm your payment to us with the credit card issuer before we can process your order and receive your payment. 

4 Shipping
4.1 When do you ship?

We ship during business hours, monday to friday, from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Order placed will normally be shipped the next business day. 

4.2 What are the shipping costs?

Products are shipped within the EU by DHL, GLS or UPS, please see the shipping cost overview for Shoebidoo Shoes. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at check out based on country and postal code. 

Please note: for destinations outside EU we deduct 21% VAT from the order. Customs and handling fees may be applied by local customs. We are not responsible for any additional fees after the transaction in our webstore is made and we can not refund any custom fees in case 


If your country is not listed in the shipping overview, please contact us first before ordering. 

4.3 Can you ship to a pickup point?

It is not possible yet to deliver to pickup points of DHL, UPS or GLS. It is possible to change the shipping location of our GLS shipments to a pickup point when you receive the track-and-trace code. 

For customer ordering from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium it is possible to choose a pickup point during checkout at one of our dealer shop in the Netherlands. 

4.4 How do we send the shoes?

Shoes are packed in a plain brown carton box without any marking except for the sender "FashionHub". There is no mention of the content or the name of our webshop on the shipping box.


Some shoes may be send in a plastic sack containing the shoe box. Also this package is without mentioning the content or name of webshop. 

5 Returns
5.1 When do I receive my exchange or refund?

After receiving your returned product, our warehouse will check the return goods. After this check the exchange for another size or model will be shipped or refund will be made. This is normally within 7 business days after receipt of your return in our warehouse. 

5.2 How do I return a product?

Products that were bought from stock can always be returned within 14 days according to European regulations. Return and exchange for a different size or colour is always possible when this model is still in stock. For EU customers one exchange is free. 


If exchange is not possible, your money will be refunded, INCLUDING shipping costs for all EU customers, using the payment method that was used to buy the product. Please note that we can not refund shipping costs for customers outside of the EU. 


Products that were "made-to-measure" can not be returned. These products were made on your request. Only if there are flaws in material or production products may be liable for returns or refund. 


PLEASE NOTE: always contact us first before returning products to get a RMA number. Return shipments without RMA number will not be processed and will be lost. Please use the form to contact us or send an email to [email protected]

5.3 Shipping costs for returns

The shipping costs for returns are to be paid by the customer. The shipping costs for return shipments may vary per country and destination. All our products are to be returned to our warehouse in the Netherlands.


Please make a return request to receive a RMA number and the shipping address before you return any products. Product without RMA can not be exchanged or refunded. 


To return a product you can either send us a message stating at least your order number using the contact form or request a return when you are logged in to our web store. 


Return the products within 14 days to us. For returns that are being shipped later we may have to charge a restocking fee. 


Please note: for customers outside EU/Europe we do not refund the shipping costs for sending the product to you initially. 

6 Privacy and warranty
6.1 Warranty

Our products are covered by the EU warranty regulations if used by consumers in a regular wearing conditions. 

6.2 GDRP

You can make a request regarding the GDRP legislation to [email protected] Please provide ample identification to get insight in stored personal information or to have your personal information removed from our system if this may be present.   

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