Fitting high heels

Tips & tricks for fitting our high heels: 

  • When you receive our shoes, please let them warm up to room temperature first.
  • Try on the shoes on a carpet or soft underground. This way the shoes will not be damaged when you try them on and they can still be returned to us. Leave all labels and stickers on the shoes and the box for the same reason.  
  • Put on a sock or nylon before trying the high heels. Nylon make it easier to slip into shoes and boots.
  • If boots are a bit big you can wear a ticker sock. Lots of boot lovers actually buy one size bigger so they can wear their boots with tick socks for added comfort. 
  • If boots do not have enough room to close around your leg, let the material warm up a little more to your leg temperature, and try again. Do not try to close zippers with force. 
  • When closed let the shoes warm up a little to your body temperature before trying to walk. The material needs some time to adjust. 
  • Walk a little on the heels to check the fit. It normally takes at least 5 minutes before the fit is OK and will not change. If they feel OK, perfect. If not; contact us and ask for a size exchange. 

Maintenance, upgrades and repairs

For most of our heels the heel tips can be replaced. Contact your local cobbler to get the right heel tips. We love the guys from 

The above heel tips shop offer an DIY upgrade option by replacing the plastic heel tips with metal tips. This not only improves the durability but also adds the nice clicking sound to every step you take. Replacement tips also available at There is also an option to get extra hard plastic tips if you don't like the metal sound. We don't have these heel tips available in our store. 

Another upgrade option for DIY fans is to colour the soles yourself with adhesive material or paints. Our customer @Admiringheels does a great job with coloured soles with all our shoes with a beautiful result. 

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