The Heel-o-Meter on the Shoebidoo website offers you a direct insight in the walkability, stability and practical sizing of our heels. We score our high heels on characteristics we think are essential for you to choose the best fitting heels that suit your experience in wearing heels. 

Heel height

This is the actual height in cm measured on a size 38 of the shoe. If there is a platform it is included in the height. The height is measured the "Italian way": straight down from the heel to the heel tip, not following the curve the heels.

This gives the effective heel height. 




The arch is the actual heel height minus height of the platforms and sole on a size 38 in cm.

The arch influences the walkability of a pair of heels the most. The arch tells you the actual heel height you walk on.

A regular arch for high heels is 10cm for a size EU 38. This is called "fashion height".

An arch up to 12cm is regarded as doable for trained high heel wearers. An arch above 12cm is more difficult to walk on.

Really experienced heel wearers can walk in a 13cm arch. This is the famous "Louboutin Hot Chick pumps" arch height. Heels with an arch above 13cm should be used for standing and lying down only.   



Walkability a score based on various factors that determine how easy it is to walk, dance and stand on the heels. A lower score is a better walkability. 

We determine the walkability for all our heels based on measurements and experience. 

The score is between 1 (very easy to walk in) to 7 (unwalkable - sit or lay only). 



Material, heel types, quality, stability

High quality heels have a better walkability and stability than cheaper made heels. High quality heels like our Italian heels have metal plates to stabilize the heel. This improves the wearability and overall feel of stability. Important factors for better wearability: 

  • Laces; laces improve stability of pumps and boots
  • Stabilizer; heels with a metal place in the sole offer better stability
  • Heel enforcements; heels that have metal enforcements offer better stability
  • Material; real leather heels give more comfort for longer wear than synthetic ones
  • Heel type; chunky and sturdy heels give better support and stability
  • Boots; on average a boot shaft gives more support than pumps, sandals and mules

The Heel-O-Meter score

Easy to wear for all anytime

These heels should be comfortable for anyone with regular feet and can be worn for a long time without problems. Good examples are the Giaro ELLA boots with 9cm wedge heels or the Italian JUNO boots with 10cm heels, smal platform and laces. 

These are the heels we advice for real beginners. 


Arch / Heel height: 10cm or lower

What helps: rubber soles, chunky or wedge heels, big platforms, laces to improve foot stability



Ideal for longer office or party wear

These heels can be worn all day by anyone use the walking in heels. Soft materials, lots of support, arch not higher than 10cm. Examples are the Italian VESTA-10 boots and the GIARO Mila, Arabella and  


Arch / heels: 11cm or lower

What helps: chunky heels, tight boot shafts, laces. 

Perfect for all high heel lovers

Perfect balanced heels have a 12cm arch and may require some practice. Examples: Italian VESTA 12 boots and VESPER 12 boots. All Giaro Galana and New Galana style heels have a 12cm arch and platforms. 


Arch / heels: 12cm or lower

What helps: chunky heels, tight boot shafts, laces.

The perfect arch - experience required

The perfect arch. Louboutin Hot Chick height. Examples: Italian GAIA boots, FATALE pumps and Giaro SLICK pumps and boots. Giaro SLICK BABY and BeBrave boots. 


Arch / heels: 13cm or lower

What helps: chunky heels, tight boot shafts, laces.  

Heel experts only

7 inch heels and higher without platform. Examples: GIARO SLICK Epy boots and HYPO pumps. All SLICK Escala and Essence metal heeled pumps with platforms. 


Arch / heels: 13cm and higher

What makes them worse: thin heels, smaller platforms

Extreme heels, very difficult

Ballet heels, extreme metal heels over 20cm.


Arch / heels: 15cm and higher

What makes them worse: thin heels, pumps, thin platforms

Impossible to walk in

Metal monster heels, uneven balanced heels


Arch / heels: ankle breaking heights

What makes them worse: thin metal heels, no supporting laces 



Our judgement

Based on wearing the heels for a longer time in our own showroom or warehouse. Walkability expressed in one sentence. Not available for all models. 


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