Shoe sizes

Choose your normal size. All sizes on Shoebidoo Shoes are in women EU size. Measure your feet when in doubt or contact

PLEASE NOTE: if specific sizing is mentioned on the product page of a specific model, please follow these sizes. The table below are generic shoe sizes. 

Generic shoe size table | Women Shoe sizes

EU US UK Length foot (inches) mm 
35 5 3 9 220
36 6 4 9 1/4 235
37 6.5-7 4.5-5 9 3/8 238
37,5 7 5 9 4/8 241
38 7.5 5.5 9 5/8 245
38,5 8 6 9 6/8 248
39 8.5 6.5 9 7/8 251
40 9 7 10 254
41 9.5 7.5 10 1/8 257
42 10.5 8 10 1/4 260

PLUS sizes Women Shoes

EU US UK Length foot (inches) mm
43 11 8.5 10 1/2 267
44 12 9.5 10 3/4 273
45 13 10.5 11 279
46 14 12 11 1/4 284
47 15 12 1/2 11 1/2 290


Selecting a shoe size

If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size.

You may find one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal, please use the larger size when making your shoe size selection.

Shoe size systems

There are about 7 different major shoe-size systems globally, with the US, British, European and Japanese size systems as the most common ones.

For the US and for the British shoe-size systems, shoe sizes wary between men's and women's shoes. Eg. a men's 10.5 is a women's 11.5. Note that this doesn't apply for children's shoes, in these systems. The US system also has a special category for athletic shoes.

In Europe, shoe makers are supposed to follow the same shoe-size system. Note however, that sizes might differ between eg. France and Germany. The sizes also aren't totally standardized, which means that shoes from different manufacturers might have different sizes, although they have the same measurements.

These conversion charts are used for converting between different international shoe size systems, for men's and women's shoes. Please observe that these size charts are only to be seen as a guide to helping you find your right size. Sizes may differ notably between different shoe manufacturers and brands.

Material is import for sizing

The choice for the right shoe size may depend on the material of the shoe. Real leather shoes offer some flexibility and will form around your foot. You can choose your exact shoe size in leather. This is also true for real suede leather shoes which are even more flexible after wearing for some time. Some women choose half a size smaller for suede shoes. 

Shoes made of man-made-material (like the Giaro collection) are not as flexible. The synthetic material is quite rigid and will not form around the foot like leather does. Always choose your exact shoe size and when in doubt choose one size bigger. Always look for specific sizing information per shoe model. 


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